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Little squares of healthy happiness…

I’m always on the move and I don’t really sit down in the mornings for breakfast and whilst at work I always get peck-ish. So I decided to make some healthy flapjacks to keep in a pot on the side and grab one or (some) when I’m in a rush. They’re filling and healthy &… Continue reading Little squares of healthy happiness…

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Not your average shoe blog post..

Tonight’s post is my first fashion blog post! I’ve neglected this part of my blog as I’m never wearing anything fancy enough to blog about. If I’m not in a sports bra and shorts then its jeans and jumpers!! Hopefully when I get back into the swing of Christmas, there will be more to come.… Continue reading Not your average shoe blog post..


Something personalised

   Just a quick post…. I absolutely love scanning Instagram and Facebook for small company’s who offer products at reasonable prices and I’ve come across a little gem. Everyone likes to have personal creations. I’ve seen this lovely small company called H.A.Designs offer chic personalised clutches, purses, notebooks, makeup bags and card holders! Everything you could want with your initials… Continue reading Something personalised


Homemade Vegetable Curry & Chicken Skewers

As I’ve got older I’ve began to really enjoy making lots of homemade meals and thought here would be a perfect place to share my passion. The other night I fancied something different and as I like to eat quite healthy I thought id go for something containing a lot of vegetables, so we went… Continue reading Homemade Vegetable Curry & Chicken Skewers