Oxford Fashion Week is here!!!

Oxford fashion week has arrived!
I’ve never been before but heard its getting bigger and better each year. Now I’ve started with my new blog I thought it would be suitable to post the outcome of my time on here. I wont be able to make the whole of the fashion week due to work commitments 😦 But I will be making the Cosmopolitan fashion show as my former tutor Emma Gilligan will be showcasing her amazing handmade jewellery!

MADE.BY.EMMA makes bold, structural chunky necklaces & coat pins using beautiful beading details to create a stunning oversized look. Emma also incorporates felt and leather materials into her jewellery which is a great contrast of different materials.
If you visit this link you can check out her interview she had with OFW and find out why she started making these wonderful creations!


I already have my customised order placed!
I’ve posted some of her recent pieces but be sure to check out my page after Thursday for even more up to date creations. There will be loads more amazing designs in bright colours showcased at OFW.








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