GoldieLocks & The Three Strands

I used to work in a hairdressers so I know my fair share about how to keep your hair healthy and how to manage different hair types.
I’m naturally blonde but once it gets to winter it seems to hide and go to a dull dark blonde 😦 I hated how it kept changing and wanted it one colour all year round. When you start to get your hair lighter its never enough, there is always that step further you can take and working in a hairdressers you’re always able to get your hair done for free when one of your colleagues is free, which is why your hairdresser will pretty much always have different hair styles and colour each time you see them. I never went crazy and died my hair red or black only because I was a big whimp!

I absolutely love having my hair ‘ash blonde’ colour.. practically white. In order to keep it this shade I kept colouring my hair more than I should of in one period of time. You should leave it for at least 6-8 weeks before you colour your hair again but I was too impatient.
I said to myself I would never get a tint (all over colour) and because my hair was so long it was so much work for others to do, I eventually gave in and had my hair from root to tip peroxided. All blondes know that when using peroxide if you don’t take care of your hair it will badly break and you then have trouble growing it back as quick as you want. My roots kept growing back too fast and I’ve now gone back to having foils, its much healthier for my locks.
I’ve used a few of the fancy expensive shampoos and conditioners and I’m not actually too crazy about them. I did like using Moroccan oil as it always left my hair feeling full of life and super soft! But I could never justify spending £30 on a bottle of oil for my hair. I now use an alternative Argan oil from Aldi, 1/10th of the price, only £2.99, it does the same job, the only downside is that the oil doesn’t have the amazing tropical smell that Moroccan oil has.


I also use a mix and match of shampoo and conditioner both from the same brand – Garnier –  which both contain Argan oil. The smell is amazing and leaves my hair feeling hydrated and soft. I’m big on washing my hair two times a day (bad I know) but I feel terribly ‘ergh’ if I don’t. I don’t always go by what’s on the label such as “DRY OR DAMAGED HAIR”, I just pick which ones I want by the smell 😀

Marvellous-Transformer-Shampoo-big 273510011_0_640x640

This is my guide to getting the same great feeling for a lower price. Thank you for taking the time to read my newbie blog.
Much love,


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