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Spring into Summer

Spring into Summer is idea behind my window display I have created at my work.
One of my passions is sewing! And I’m lucky enough to work within the sewing industry everyday. I’m based in a small alterations and repairs boutique just outside of Oxford. So if you live local to the area, pop in and we can alter almost anything! I do quite a bit of sewing and all the window displays for the shop. Window displays can be a little challenging as I’m always having to create something new and exciting that I can still relate to sewing and to the different seasons or holidays.

It’s the start of Spring and my inspiration is colour. I still need to incorporate a sewing theme into the window display otherwise people would get slightly confused as to what shop we are. I have a medium amount of window space that I can play with and as its our only source of natural daylight I cant completely block out the window with a backdrop. In this display I’ve made a lot of tissue paper flowers as they symbolise spring and you cant get some really beautiful light colours. I use a lot of my own clothing or I like to drape fabric on the mannequin to make a quirky garment, this is something I’ve always loved doing as you can create some really feminine shapes and manipulate different fabrics to make something unusual. Making a paper pattern from draping…. that’s a whole other level of awkwardness!

I wanted to share a part of my creativity as its something I extremely enjoy! There are some pictures below of my current window display and I will eventually upload my past displays for inspiration to anyone else who enjoys doing the same.
Please feel free to leave any comments, It would be lovely to see if anyone likes them.
* If the pictures are bad, you could head over to Pins & Needles on Facebook to see them more clearly. *
Hope you like the post.




2 thoughts on “Spring into Summer

    1. Awh thank you! Yes I have thought about real flowers but trying to keep the costs low and not having to replace flowers every few days 😛 But thankyou! very kind of you 🙂


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