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My Pole Dancing Mondays

So last night I done 2 hours straight in my Monday evening pole dance class. When you mention pole dancing most people think SLUT straight away! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion however its nothing Like that at all. Its an extremely good sport, pretty much the same as gymnastic moves. I do a lot of training on my abs, arms and legs in the gym but even this kills me. My teacher is extremely good at what she does and today I’m walking like a robot as I’m so stiff! I’ve exercised muscles I never knew I had! 2 hours in my teachers lesson feels like the equivalent to 4 hours in the gym 😥 They don’t call her beast for nothing!

I was a little apprehensive when I went to my first class as I thought I would be a ‘bitchy’ environment filled with girls… how I was wrong, they’re some of the nicest people I’ve ever met who enjoy learning the same sport. They’re all really encouraging and willing to help you improve or help with moves. it really is like being in a big family 😊

I’m really into my fitness and love trying new things, this sport really keeps you motivated and interested in achieving more. It can be quite an expensive hobby but its most defiantly worth it when you get such an encouraging teacher who works to your level.

I’m so happy with my progress since I’ve started and I’ve come quite far. Its a lot of hard work getting the moves but even harder to keep up your stamina to complete a routine. I never had as much confidence as I do now (not big headed) but I would never had done a performance in front of anyone and last Summer I entered an in-house competition, my friend joined me and made her own routine which took the edge off but I’ve never had such a buss. I didn’t win but I gained so much more for myself by just entering and taking part.
I would highly recommend to ANYONE to try pole fitness, its the best thing I have done.

Here is some pictures from my in house competition. I made the outfit myself, it was to represent burlesque.
These pictures are not NUDITY!

If you’re sensitive to pole dancing pictures (which I’ve never met anyone who is) then please don’t be rude or leave horrid comments. I have uploaded pictures to share my journey and activities, this is my personal blog so if its not to your liking, please leave 🙂
Thank you for reading my blog.

image (3)                                 image(2)

image(1)                      image (2)


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