Fi Bourke Design’s

I absolutely love supporting independent people or businesses because I know how much passion people put into what they love doing. I’ve had my eye on this blooming designer for a while! She’s always updating her Facebook page with new and exciting creations and I always want them! The lovely lady is called Fi (short for Fionnuala) and her brand name is ‘Fi Bourke designs’. She has a extremely unique talent in making some amazing dance wear! She is sure to be making some amazing gowns and bikinis this year (I’M SO EXCITED FOR THESE!!)

I’m a sewer myself and I know how much work goes into something (even if it simple) so times that by 100 is the amount of time, effort and passion Fi puts into her designs. Fi has just completed some beautiful pole dance outfits for Bendykate, Charlotte Robertson, Terri Fierce & Lisette Krol who have all competed and are very well known in the Pole Fitness community. I asked Fi if she could tell me a little bit about her and her designs and why she chose to stop working and follow her dream. I highly admire her courage, work and determination to succeed!
Below I will post some pictures of her amazing work! Be sure to check her out on Facebook and you can see all her exciting creations! : https://www.facebook.com/fibourkedesign

Here’s what Fi spoke to me about….
I began working with drag queens and performers for the likes of Gay Pride and other events and very quickly I realized this is for me. I then moved onto Terri when I started taking her classes and then dressing herself and Lisette as doubles. I take references and inspiration from popular culture, street style and celebrities mainly and kind of spin ideas on their head, I really try not to over design and just let the fabric be what it wants to be. I really enjoy making my own textiles and prints and experimenting, which is great as I always have scraps of fabrics (nothing gets thrown away in my studio lol) …a typical day for me at the moment is a bit frantic as this is competition season so I’m foot to the floor (literally) to get costumes done and in the post in plenty of time for shows- endless cups of tea and talking to myself would sum up my day .A few months ago I got to make my first piece for Bendy Kate which was a huge deal for me, and it sounds strange but I feel like since then something has just clicked and everything I’m working on is better, slicker and my finish has improved immensely (I suppose my confidence is growing along with my skill) My ideas for the future are endless, my focus will always be on pole and stage wear but I am hoping to introduce some swimwear and dresses over the summer, my style and my way. Getting to work with Bendy Kate and Xpole earlier this year and dressing the Xpole dance crew for The Move it dance expo was a huge deal but I have to say getting to see Terri and Lisette perform on Britain’s got talent and then again a few weeks later on The Late Late show here in Ireland (a big deal for most Irish people, the highlight of Friday nights) is right up there for me as some of my proudest moments and let me know I’m on the right track.

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

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