Something personalised

   Just a quick post….

I absolutely love scanning Instagram and Facebook for small company’s who offer products at reasonable prices and I’ve come across a little gem.

Everyone likes to have personal creations. I’ve seen this lovely small company called H.A.Designs offer chic personalised clutches, purses, notebooks, makeup bags and card holders! Everything you could want with your initials embedded onto them without the hefty price tag!They give you the blank page and you create your very own personal piece.

Its coming up for my birthday soon and I will most defiantly be getting one! Once I do get one, I will write a following blog with my review on these amazing items.


What I like about these clutches and card holders is they’re perfect to match with any outfit and you can guarantee its yours if you ever loose your bag on a night out!

I’ve posted a few pictures of their items below but make sure you go check out their items and treat yourself.



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