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English Autumn Pumpkin Soup

I LOVE making soups, they’re so easy, cheap, tasty and make your home smell amazing! You can do lots with soups to change the flavours, its just all about experimenting.

I’ve never had pumpkin before so I thought id try something new. I picked up a large pumpkin for £1 and this is how much my lunch cost for the week!
I decided to pair up the pumpkin with an ‘English flavour’ usually the same flavours I put into my casseroles i.e. –  Herbs and stock ect. This is now my favourite soup by far, its got a sweet taste without it being too sickly. If you’d like to try out my Pumpkin soup the recipe is just below 😀

My English Autumn Pumpkin Soup recipe:
1 Medium pumpkin (I bought Large and was unable to use it all!)
2-3 Red Onions (or white)
1 Teaspoon vegetable stock
2 Garlic cloves
The herbs:
(Put as much as you like in)
Pinch of Pepper and Salt
1 Teaspoon mixed herbs
1 Teaspoon Rosemary
1 Bay leaf
Pumpkin seeds

I always start with the onions, dice them up in small pieces and into the pan they go! Add a table spoon of olive oil. Make sure your onions are on a low heat to soften up slowly, also add in your chopped garlic gloves. Leave this for 5ish minutes whilst you peel and chop your pumpkin into small chunks.


Cutting your pumpkin into smaller chunks helps break it down and cook quicker. Don’t forget to take all the seeds out and the stringy bits, I found this easier to do with a table spoon and over a bin.
Once you’ve cut all your pumpkin (deepening on how much soup you’re wanting to make, it freezes really well!) I done the majority of my pumpkin but because I had a large one the onion to pumpkin was way out so had to cut back on some!)


I added my pumpkin pieces to the onions in my witches cauldron! added my vegetable stock and boiled water so it just about covered all my ingredients.

12170504_10208059202416457_196401461_n 804533_10208059202496459_507661633_n

I then added all my herbs and my bay leaf, put my lid on and left on a low heat for a few hours. I made this on a Sunday so I had the luxury of leaving it on slow cook. You can cook it quicker just make sure your soup is never bubbling like crazy.
Once everything is soft and breaks up easily, find your bay leaf and take it out then whizz up your soup and its done!

I added some pumpkin seeds on top of my soup as they were in my cupboard but I would highly recommend this as its an added nutritional ingredient and it adds an extra texture to your soup! don’t forget to add a little extra salt or pepper if you need it.

I hope you like this recipe and have a go for yourself! If you do let me know how it goes!




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