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Not your average shoe blog post..

Tonight’s post is my first fashion blog post! I’ve neglected this part of my blog as I’m never wearing anything fancy enough to blog about. If I’m not in a sports bra and shorts then its jeans and jumpers!! Hopefully when I get back into the swing of Christmas, there will be more to come.

I love my clothes, what girl doesn’t? I’ve been told I have a little too many items hanging in my wardrobe, even though half of them are just jeans and tops, but it makes my wardrobe look pretty with all the different colors. When it comes to footwear that I occasionally buy, its always mostly converses & boots with the odd heels here and there. As I’ve become older & got a little girly-er  I’m loving all the pretty heels that are out there now!

However… I don’t often go out, due to me being such a sleepy head and lightweight…. I am usually shattered by 9pm! This is where my different style of showing off my new sparkly new shoes come in. I’m a pole dance (for fitness) and when I received my new shoes, I thought they looked a lot like pleasers (pole dancing shoes) so i decided to get on my dancing shoes and take a few pictures.


When I saw the samples available from the OnlineAvenue campaign on EtailPR I loved them all! I’m a little bit like a magpie and always head towards the sparkly stuff and these shoes were lovely and sparkly ❤ Here’s the link to my sparkly shoes: Glitter

Perfect for all the festive events happening. Because they’re black they will go with everything you have hanging in your wardrobe! They might look rather high (they are!) but at a nice comfy level. I’m 5ft2 so when I put these bad boys on, I can see a whole new level of the world that I don’t usually see! They’re GREAT! The website has really reasonable prices for shoes mine were £23.99 and I can highly recommend them for quality too!
Take a look at their website :

Another shoe that I think would be perfect for the Christmas season are these gold all over sparkly shoes. Take a look: Textile

Thanks for taking your time to read my post.
I’ve enjoyed writing about these shoes from Online Avenue, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it!
Let me know what you think of them in the comments.



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