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My 4 Winter Saviors…

I love the look of winter, with the cold misty mornings and cosy evenings but I hate what it does to my body, it makes everything stop working and shut down! I’ve used a lot of beauty products before and I have highly recommend these being some of the best!

HAIR: My hair in this weather started to looking dry at the ends which I hated. One of my first ever posts was about this shampoo/conditioner and I still stand by it, it smells amazing and makes my hair look healthy and soft ❤ Its called Garnier ultimate blends in the scent honey.
Alongside that duo, I also use the Aussie winter miracle conditioner, this helps repair my hair and like to use this as a mask on my hair before a shower.


SKIN: I never used to moisturizer but now I’m older, this cold weather takes a massive affect on my skin and makes me look worn out and withered. I recently bought this Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Serum. I massage it into my skin after my shower before bed. It gives me a shot of moisturizer and helps my skin feel the age it should be 😀


Another favorite skin product I would highly recommend is this hand moisturizer called wild argan oil by the body shop. It smells amazing and isn’t too greasy when you put it on and lasts a long time throughout the day. Its a really good price : £4.00 and it would make a perfect little present for someone at Christmas.


NEVER FORGET YOUR VITS! I never knew the benefits of taking vitamins till i stopped taking them. They made my hair feel shiny and healthy, my nails feel stronger and my body felt better when taking the right ones. I started taking vitamins because I was always feeling tired and felt like I was missing something, I decided whats to loose. you don’t realize the effects of them when you’re taking them, but when I ran out and forgot to buy some more, I started feeling the same old tired cranky me. So I defiantly would recommenced adding them into your mealtime routine! I buy my vitamins from sugerdrug as they have a good price and usually a offer on them. I will post a picture below of the ones I take.

MAKEUP: I used to buy boots own foundation and thought I was set on it for life….. until the weather changed (this bit is hard to explain unless you wear foundation) I felt like the weather didn’t react with my previous foundation well and made me look patchy. I then found this beauty which has added comfort serum and I love it! Its by RIMMEL and its called lasting finish. I’m extremely pale and when it comes to choosing foundation its a risky one as i don’t want to look dark on my face an no where else :’) I chose Ivory and it looks great with my complexion.


These are my top 4 beauty products for the winter season. Feel free to message me on any recommendations that any of you lovely people use 😀


T’is the season to be merry and for giving so in my next blog post I will be doing a giveaway with 4 beauty/makeup items for one of my subscribe followers! Pass this along and help me reach 50 followers! (not many as I’m still a new blogger)



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