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Little Details…

I’ve been trying to work on my blog a lot more lately, introducing more of a ‘Fashion side’. Working with EtailPr, they help company’s chose bloggers to review their items and I was contacted by Body Jewellery Shop the other week to see if I would review some of their Jewellery on my blog. I was so excited and accepted their offer!

I got to choose which samples I would like and As I only have my ears pierced I opted for some pretty, delicate ear cuffs. Not your usual Jewellery choice, but they were so pretty and a little different. Body Jewellery Shop specializes in Ear piercings but has a huge selection of all different body Jelwellery at really good prices!

The first ear cuff I chose was a pretty little dragonfly one. It costs £2.49 which is really good vale for the quality of the product. This is my favorite one and I wear it almost everyday now.


The second cuff I chose was a pretty swirly one that also costs £2.49.


Take a look on their website, they have some amazing products – This is the link for some other Ear cuffs that I really like:

Thankyou for reading my blog post 🙂






2 thoughts on “Little Details…

  1. Hi there, Kayla! It’s wonderful to make your acquaintance! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following; I have followed you as well, and look forward to reading more posts and learning more about you and your interests!

    By the way…I’ve never seen ear cuffs before! They are super cute! 🙂

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